Just graduated not knowing where to start to land a decent job I was just like you here’s is my story!

Taking your first steps after graduating could be one of the hardest steps you ever have to make in your life because it’s confusing there are so many passes and so many options ahead of you yet you feel like you do not possess enough expertise in anything yet to know what to choose and where to head.

This is exactly how I felt this confusion you are in right now was the everyday mood I was searching right and left for something certified and well-known to give me any kind of an acquired skill and a good mark on my portfolio as I was interested in pursuing a career in marketing since the world turned digital after COVID-19 years I realize that Marketing is much more needed now due to the growing e-commerce business platforms until I stumbled upon a golden opportunity to upscale myself in the marketing career I was also recommended this course many times by my friends who took it and it helped him land great job opportunities 

My name is Nessma Alnwihi and I am a social media specialist I’ve reached where I am today by taking the university digital marketing course at the beginning by the thought that it would just be a complementary touch on my résumé but as I went through the course I have learned very valuable basics in the first track which is the Challenger track and I was surprised that I could make up my own studying piece and choose my own hours not like the conventional classroom studying.

Then after finishing the Challenger track and getting familiar with marketing basics I went further to take the professional one that included a rich collection of information about managing and moderating social media and promoting online ads. By this, then I was ready to kickstart my professional career in marketing and I also learned great opportunities like my friends now you can follow on my footsteps and start taking the course I promise you you won’t regret it

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