Email Marketing Campaign for Fundraising Event

Digital Marketing Campaign for Annual Fundraising Event


In this comprehensive project, I successfully managed a digital marketing campaign for a mock client’s annual fundraising event, focusing on the primary goal of selling 700 tickets. The campaign involved designing a tailored drip email campaign, conducting precise audience segmentation, crafting custom emails, and developing compelling call-to-action strategies. I collaborated with the client to understand their requirements, presented a professional expression of interest, and offered recommendations on the most suitable tools and strategies for the campaign.

Important Project Components:

  1. Expression of Interest (EoI): As the first touchpoint, I crafted a 300-word EoI message to the client, comprehensively addressing their project requirements and outlining my expertise in digital marketing. This message aimed to demonstrate my professional communication skills and deep understanding of the client’s needs.
  2. Project Management Process: In order to ensure seamless collaboration and efficient progress tracking, I utilized Trello as the project management tool. I created a public Trello board comprising five milestone columns, with three columns dedicated to the development, review, and payment processes. To optimize project execution, I incorporated due dates, descriptions, and checklists on specific action cards.
  3. Email Campaign Strategy: After identifying the client’s target audience, I developed a comprehensive email campaign consisting of personalized content, eye-catching subject lines, and strategic drip sequences. The campaign was designed to maximize engagement, drive ticket sales, and ultimately achieve the goal of selling 700 tickets.
  4. Invoicing and Payment Options: To ensure a smooth and transparent billing process, I prepared an invoice for the client using a professional invoicing template. The invoice included the following details:
    • Freelancer’s and client’s name and address
    • Invoice number, date issued, and payment due date
    • Breakdown of services rendered, hours worked, cost per hour, and total cost per service
    • The aggregate cost of all work performed
    • Payment options, encompassing accepted payment methods and instructions for the client to pay for the services rendered

By successfully completing this project, I showcased my proficiency in digital marketing, project management, and client communication. This project serves as a testament to my expertise in managing digital marketing campaigns and will be a valuable addition to my professional portfolio.

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